Artist Statement

My artworks are constructed visual narratives that are derived from my own experiences in the world. I have always been interested in objects that are formally sound, employ concept-relevant technical skill, and explore the myriad state of affairs of life. I plan and react to the relationships and materials as they evolve; some of my works are collaborations with artists Lark Barnett, my daughter, Cabot Barnett, my son, and others. The evolution of each work requires me to be a constant participant, as well as a thoughtful witness.

Relationships are created, but the flesh of the meaning for each work is dependent on the perspective, questions, vision and the memory of each viewer; each person fitting their own details of self, culture, and understanding into the abstract scenarios. The work is an offering of the possibilities for multiple viewer interpretations.

Nature is at the core of what I think about—human nature, as well as human relations in the natural world. Each piece describes a place, a mood, a time--or situation. Correlative to this, are my interests in photography and my study of “Landscape as Art.” My daughter Lark shares these interests, so our sense of place is often aligned quite closely. I am interested in sculpture installations in the landscape, but also in seeing the beauty and meaning of the designed landscape, with its enveloping scale and time-based aesthetic.

My sculptures are founded in the tradition of mixed media construction methodologies. My monotypes and drawings often share the same constructionist aesthetic and sense of process. My photographs illustrate my interest in structure and composition and give me the documentation of time and space.

I have always been interested in objects that are concept-based and join the intellectual and physical aspects of nature and man. My most recent work focuses on ideas associated with the Rule of Law, Laws of Nature, and the circumstances of being a Participant, Witness, or Spectator.